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2004 Foals: 

This year all our expectations were met as were those of our clients and friends. The foals are all healthy, growing like weeds and full of character. They are handled daily, have had their feet done regularly, as well as being wormed monthly and looking very good. Several of these foals are offered for sale.


  filly2004_0116d.jpg (206471 bytes) filly2004_0116e.jpg (68678 bytes) 
so new I am still wet!

filly2004_0117a.jpg (97606 bytes) filly2004_0117h.jpg (156519 bytes)
one day old
kiera2004_0329e.jpg (167774 bytes)
just over 10 weeks and pretty special

Amber Kiera
16 January - 1 pm
(Hennessy x RL Melissa)

Black/grey Filly

Tall (37"), fantastic bone and substance for a newborn and the most beautiful face! A knock out for sure and everything we expected.

AHA Sweepstakes     $10,000

Click on her name for more photos and information.

Seneca Bee

28 February - 1 am
(Ibn Bee x Amberlysa)

Black Gelding

Legs, legs and more legs! 38.5" tall, long elegant neck, sweet disposition, great hip and what promises to be a very smooth body, this boy is going to be very flashy with his 3 white socks.

AHA Sweepstakes     $5000

  seneca2004_0228AN.jpg (145082 bytes) seneca2004_0301AJ.jpg (143889 bytes)
a few hours old & 18 hours old
seneca2004_0309c.jpg (110467 bytes) seneca2004_0309f.jpg (69658 bytes)
10 days old
seneca2004_0329d.jpg (81563 bytes) seneca2004_0329e.jpg (202939 bytes) seneca2004_0329b.jpg (138327 bytes)
4 weeks

Click on his name for more photos and information.

cryztal2004_0312i.jpg (124043 bytes) cryztal2004_0312l.jpg (81208 bytes) cryztal2004_0312j.jpg (77050 bytes)
day 1
cryztal2004_0313b.jpg (77522 bytes) cryztal2004_0313f.jpg (136125 bytes) cryztal2004_0313g.jpg (161088 bytes)
day 2
cryztal2004_0330e.jpg (91376 bytes) cryztal2004_0330d.jpg (123057 bytes) cryztal2004_0330c.jpg (123079 bytes)
18 days


12 March
(Ibn Bee x Cryztalgara)

Black Filly

For a Charlie daughter, this girl has plenty of body and substance already. Long legs, pretty head and matching hind socks, she is a real cutie and has lots of unfolding to do before showing her full promise. Her dam is pure Polish and an incredible mover.

Cryztal is developing into an extremely upright filly with beautiful English type movement. Lots of bounce per ounce... Sure to follow in her grandsire's footsteps on both sides!

AHA Sweepstakes

Retained for breeding program.

Super Bee

17 March
(Hennessy x Princess Bay Bee by Ibn Bee)

Chestnut/Grey gelding

This colt is another knock out and has been gelded (Mar 30) to make a superior show gelding. Beautiful big eyes, tippy little ears, long legs and a curious and bold way about him. Lovely movement, nice and rolling with some knee action, very elegant and looking like a Country/Show Hack prospect.

AHA Sweepstakes     $5000

super_b2004_0329d.jpg (112728 bytes) super_b2004_0329b.jpg (69127 bytes) super_b2004_0329a.jpg (123251 bytes) super_b2004_0329e.jpg (81431 bytes)
12 days old and first day at the AES facility

super_b2004_0421e.jpg (77963 bytes)

  ginger-s2004_0421a.jpg (237451 bytes) ginger-s2004_0421b.jpg (164789 bytes) ginger-s2004_0421d.jpg (67406 bytes) kieva2004_0526c.jpg (159085 bytes)


21 April
(Ibn Bee x AL Shahnah)

Bay Filly

Lori has been waiting all winter for this girl to arrive and although Mary told us all that she was a BOY first thing in the morning and Lori proceeded to think of BOY names all day at school, it was discovered later in the day that she is a GIRL. A very pretty girl with two front socks and a narrow blaze. Just what Lori ordered! And now that she has thought of girl names, she picks one very close to Kiera's name... too funny, but is named for a dog brought into the vet's office.

donated to 4-H
Winner: Lori Stuart

4 May
(Ibn Bee x Mable)

Black HA colt

owner Colette Chisolm

Grade Black Mare

whisky2004_0430c.jpg (114694 bytes) whisky2004_0430g.jpg (83928 bytes) whisky2004_0430d.jpg (109806 bytes) whisky2004_0430e.jpg (185667 bytes) whisky2004_0430h.jpg (210121 bytes) whiskey2004_0504d.jpg (56703 bytes)


Hennessy's Canadian Cognac or "Whiskey"

30 April
(Hennessy x Canadian Queen)

Chestnut Filly

Whiskey was born at 3:00 am and Billie was on the phone to me at 5:30 complaining that she hadn't drank yet. I arrived to see a huge, healthy strong filly that wasn't terribly hungry. After yet another nap, she finally got up and drank lustily, making Billie a very happy "mom". Whiskey weighs in at 114 pounds and 41 inches tall. Lots of bone and substance with a very pretty and typy head from her sire. She looks like she will remain chestnut, has 3 socks (maybe 4), a star, strip and snip.

Sweepstakes Nominated
available for purchase
owner Billie Mae Moroz

Bee's Boi Toi

22 May
(Ibn Bee x Khemos Toikyorose)

Bay Arabian Colt

Rose refused to come in on Friday evening and when Mary sent one of the girls out to get her the next morning, they found at her side a lovely tall bay colt. Marianne was given the pleasure of naming him and came up with Bee's Boi Toi or "Toby" as we will call him in the barn. He is an exceptional foal, like Rose's other boys and we will likely let him remain a colt for a few years to see how he develops. Very upright and those ever so long legs, he shows off the quality of his pedigree with incredible movement and style.

AHA Sweepstakes     $7500

boi_toi2004_0524a.jpg (87746 bytes) boi_toi2004_0524e.jpg (102885 bytes) boi_toi2004_0524c.jpg (95771 bytes)  boi_toi2004_0526e.jpg (83766 bytes) boi_toi2004_0526g.jpg (57820 bytes)
  victor2004_0524a.jpg (89282 bytes) victor2004_0524b.jpg (170809 bytes)
 kheiry2004_0526c.jpg (80180 bytes) kheiry2004_0526b.jpg (55867 bytes)
2 days old 
Kheir Bear Bee

24 May
(The Royal Heir x Lady Rena Bee)

Bay Arabian gelding

Both sire and dam are by Ibn Bee and this little guy is very sweet and loving, although his dam wasn't exactly cooperative with taking photos! Kheiry will be gelded and make a great all round show and family horse.

For Sale   $2800

SOLD to Justin Brumfield


20 May
(Hennessy x Mirage)

Grey HA Filly

Another lovely Hennessy daughter out of a Half Arabian/Canadian mare. Full of character and charm,  she is a lovely addition to Hawk Hill Farm.

owner Laurie Maus

available for purchase

 Yasmine05212004a.jpg (28082 bytes) Yasmine05212004b.jpg (89255 bytes) Yasmine052204a.jpg (91639 bytes) Yasmine052204c.jpg (113820 bytes) Yasmine052204d.jpg (68569 bytes) yasmine060204_a.jpg (39996 bytes)
Grey Pony Mare

24 May
(Al Hanifa Andohmi x Flo)

Palomino filly!!

donated to 4-H for 2004 year

Congratulations Martha Chisolm!

A Chance To Bee

30 May
(Ibn Bee x Cora (palomino))

Buckskin HA colt

owner Debbie Luce

chance30may04.jpg (174224 bytes) chance30may04b.jpg (100110 bytes) 
chad4months.jpg (25241 bytes)

beemer2004_0621c.jpg (132943 bytes) beemer2004_0621d.jpg (109337 bytes) beemer2004_0621l.jpg (77110 bytes)

SOLD to Eliza & Marsha
November 04

Bee's Most Wanted

18 June

(Ibn Bee x Take A Powder)

Black HA Gelding

Yet another stunning foal from this cross. Beamer is tall, sweet and has no body markings. He has the looks and movement to take him to the top in the halter and performance classes.


10 June

(Hennessy x Tequila)

Bay HA Filly

owner Maureen Venables

Sunbeam pic.jpg (84759 bytes)  

willowbe2004_0629e.jpg (119584 bytes) willowbe2004_0722c.jpg (146262 bytes) willowbe2004_0722d.jpg (80426 bytes)


7 June
(Ibn Bee x Penzhina)

Purebred Chestnut Gelding

This mare out does herself with whatever stallion she is crossed with. Willow might just be her best yet, upright, flashy and incredible movement. He is very pretty and looks like he will be a liver chestnut. This will be a top sweepstakes halter gelding and then excel in performance.

AHA Sweepstakes     $5000


10 September
(Ibn Bee x AL FLame Dance)

Chestnut filly with a blaze! Just what Cathy wanted, especially the filly part to eventually replace her beloved mare, Torchy.

owner Cathy Nooyen

 beeloved_sept04.jpg (179695 bytes) beeloved_sept04_2.jpg (105560 bytes) beeloved_sept04_3.jpg (105515 bytes)