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2004 Foals

2005 Foals  

Each year we plan the breedings of which mare to which stallion and eagerly wait about 341 days for the result to arrive. 

Our foals are precious, the future of the breed and our operation. We breed for quality Arabian horses of sound conformation and temperament. Our horses must be able to suit a family atmosphere to take their owner(s) wherever they may want to go.

Most of our colts are gelded within 2 weeks of birth. This is a very non-stressful method and the foal is usually up right after the surgery nursing and none the worse for wear. There have been next to no complications, very little if any swelling or infection with minimal drainage. By the next day they are playing in the stall as if nothing happened. 

Check back here throughout the year to see "who" has arrived!

Dam is pictured until the foal is born. Most foals are offered for sale and can be purchased in uterus for a discounted price. Our average foal sells between $3000 & $5000 depending on sibling show records, nominations, etc. Talk to us and we can definitely come to an understanding!

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ponyboy2005_0223c.jpg (175053 bytes) ponyboy2005_0223b.jpg (99383 bytes) ponyboy2005_0223e.jpg (162083 bytes) buzz2005_0224c.jpg (47570 bytes) 


Congratulations to 


Andy's Quizmo

22 February
Bay Gelding
(Al Hanifa Andohmi x Pocahontas)

Pokey is Baileys HA pony mare that she has let her grandmother breed to Andy for hopefully a large FEI dressage/hunter/jumper pony. Both Pokey & Andy have great movement and this cross should prove to be interesting.

Pokey was almost a week overdue, but showed all the classic signs leading up to foaling. She is being an exceptional first time mom. This boy has lots of unfolding to do, but so far has a very pretty face, one blue eye, great bone and is super friendly. Only one white sock behind and that lovely big blaze!

Available for purchase.

buzz2005_0224i.jpg (40956 bytes) buzz2005_0226d.jpg (102559 bytes) buzz2005_0226f.jpg (110622 bytes) buzz2005_0224h.jpg (57621 bytes)
 quizmo2005_0318a.jpg (154339 bytes) quizmo2005_0318b.jpg (114028 bytes)
Gelding me didn't slow me down the next day!

glory5feb05c.jpg (86470 bytes) glory5feb05a.JPG (92801 bytes)

glory2005_0307e.jpg (95490 bytes)

glory2005_0405_0003.jpg (170816 bytes)
one month old

Hanifa Glory

05 March
Liver Chestnut Filly
(AL Hanifa Andohmi x RL Melissa)

A first time for this cross, hoping for a filly to eventually replace RL Melissa and cross back to Charlie sons.

WOW is all we can say about this gorgeous filly that arrived 5 days early. Large big boned liver chestnut (might go grey) girl with a perfect star and white front socks. She is more than we had expected from the cross and has the most perfect head and lovely neck and all at day 1! She will be retained by Maple Lane Arabians.

glory2005_0307f.jpg (45047 bytes) glory2005_0307g.jpg (83226 bytes) glory2005_0318f_head.jpg (95916 bytes)

"Diablo Bee"

05 March
Bay/White Pinto Gelding
(Ibn Bee x Diablo's Siera Dawn)

Siera has given us some knockout HA geldings, a pinto and a solid bay and is also the dam of the pinto filly, Saphire, by Hennessy. All are tall leggy, smart and fun, this one should be too!

Not even a day early, Siera didn't want Follie to have all the attention, so produced her colt just 12 hours after the filly at 5:30 pm allowing several boarders and kids get to watch. Another lovely pinto - long legs and sweet personality.


diablo_bee2005_0328_0001.jpg (83468 bytes) diablo_bee2005_0328b.jpg (46308 bytes)

sieras_boy.jpg (42440 bytes) diablo2005_0307b.jpg (152019 bytes) diablo2005_0307d.jpg (111364 bytes) diablo2005_0307c.jpg (97540 bytes)
diablo_bee2005_0318i.jpg (82260 bytes) diablo_bee2005_0318h.jpg (162140 bytes) diablo_bee2005_0318e.jpg (118549 bytes) diablo_bee2005_0318j.jpg (104305 bytes)
I too make a nifty gelding - thank goodness the drugs wore off!



  GP2002__12AqirahB.jpg (43117 bytes)

bibi2005_0325h.jpg (172302 bytes) bibi2005_0325b.jpg (118498 bytes) habibi2005_0328a.jpg (153354 bytes) habibi2005_0328c.jpg (512629 bytes) habibi2005_0328d.jpg (102396 bytes)

Habibi Bint Baikal

24 March Grey filly
(Amurath Baikal x Aqirah by Adios)

Sue Wallis was very excited to purchase this mare in foal to the wonderful *Bask son, Baikal. We are looking forward to the foal and her future ones with Ibn Bee.

Right on time, displaying all the classic signs, Aqirah delivered a stunning grey filly at 4:00 pm. Tall, leggy, curious and very sweet, her name means "Beloved daughter of Baikal" as she is one of Amurath Baikal's last foal crop. Sue is thrilled to say the least.

Sweepstakes Nominated

habibi2005_0401b.jpg (125891 bytes) habibi2005_0401e.jpg (79652 bytes) habibi2005_0405_0001.jpg (57220 bytes)

Lightening Bee

1 April
(Ibn Bee x EB Nakesha)

This is a golden cross for this mare, producing Thor and Styx so far. Mary is hoping for a filly and if it is, she won't be for sale!

Nikki gave us a wonderful colt at just over 2 weeks over due. Zip is a big strapping boy and is a lot like his big brother Thor. He will have Country or National Hunter potential. Also will make a nice halter gelding while you wait for him to grow up to ride. Should mature well over 15 hands if full siblings are any indication.


zip2005_0401a.jpg (111320 bytes) zip2005_0401b.jpg (72223 bytes) 
zip2005_0402b.jpg (103209 bytes)
It was a tad cold and damp on my 2nd day - like my sweatshirt?

zip2005_0405d.jpg (188596 bytes) zip2005_0405a.jpg (49704 bytes) zip2005_0405_0004.jpg (134747 bytes) zip2005_0405_0003.jpg (174273 bytes)
Click on the photos and blow me up so I can wow you!

Bee's Comet

29 April
Grey filly

(Ibn Bee x Korome)

Korome's foals with Charlie are top notch sport horses. They are over 15 hands, leggy and talented. The oldest filly, Dandy, is competing in Open eventing, Silver is just starting his training under saddle (halter winner as a yearling) and Cisco is just growing and growing - 15.2 hands as a 2 year old! This filly is no exception and is beautiful grey lady that is going to be tall and well bodied. 

Sold and sadly deceased.

  comet2005_0520m.jpg (122244 bytes) comet2005_0710AK.JPG (524280 bytes) 


Bee's Powder Puff

03 June

(Ibn Bee x Take A Powder)

Going for another black and white stunning HA. This cross is producing some really tall, elegant halter and performance horses. Another lovely filly, she found a home within a couple weeks of being born.


puff2005_0926_013_13.JPG (110826 bytes) puff2005_0926_023_23.JPG (119261 bytes)


pip2005_06-27-01140016.JPG (138163 bytes) pip2005_0621g.jpg (38286 bytes)
hours old

pip2005_0627-01140015.JPG (245105 bytes) pip2005_0627-01140014.JPG (138146 bytes)
one week

pip2005_0710AY.JPG (408450 bytes) pip2005_0710AP.JPG (655049 bytes) pip_holly2005_0704AE.JPG (430204 bytes) 
2 weeks



21 June
Chestnut filly
(Hennessy x Penzhina)

This mare out does herself with whatever stallion she is crossed with. This will be a full sibling to the Junior Champion colt, Cognac Amberfyre and maternal sibling to the Endurance Champion Aaristocrat by Amurath Baikal.

Penny gave us a fantastic filly a couple weeks early. Exquisite, chestnut with a teacup muzzle and lots of look at me attitude - this gal is being retained as her dam's replacement.

pip2005_0926_008_8.JPG (103861 bytes)

3 months