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2006 Arrivals

Each year we plan the breedings of which mare to which stallion and eagerly wait about 341 days for the result to arrive. 

Our foals are precious, the future of the breed and our operation. We breed for quality Arabian horses of sound conformation and temperament. Our horses must be able to suit a family atmosphere to take their owner(s) wherever they may want to go.

Most of our colts are gelded within 2 weeks of birth. This is a very non-stressful method and the foal is usually up right after the surgery nursing and none the worse for wear. There have been next to no complications, very little if any swelling or infection with minimal drainage. By the next day they are playing in the stall as if nothing happened. 

Check back here throughout the year to see "who" has arrived!

Dam is pictured until the foal is born. Most foals are offered for sale and can be purchased in uterus for a discounted price. Our average foal sells between $3000 & $5000 depending on sibling show records, nominations, etc. Talk to us and we can definitely come to an understanding!

2 January 2006

Walker AES
(The Royal Heir by Ibn Bee x Amberlysa by Hennessy)

Bay Colt (gelding)

The sire is a Regional winner in Halter, Show Hack and Country, the dam a top notch Hunter Pleasure mare that can really move - the foal? Talented!

Arrived safe and sound and just a few days early, Walker AES is a super personable colt. He is very upright with large eyes and correct legs. Nice and compact, smooth bodied and already mostly unfolded at 6 days old. He is offered for sale until 6 months of age at $1500 - a super special deal!

Sold to Mike Merriam.

walker2006_0108_014.jpg (57922 bytes) walker2006_0108_017.jpg (42933 bytes) walker2006_0108_020.jpg (64720 bytes) walker2006_0108_022.jpg (49706 bytes) walker2006_0108_026.jpg (46502 bytes) walker2006_0108_025.jpg (56888 bytes) 

29 January 2006

(Gondoliero x Emenem by Cable Cowboy)

Chestnut Filly

This foal is a first for Zacoban Arabians from the great breeding program of Magness Arabians in Colorado. The foal will have two lines to Polish & World Champion Stallion, *Gondolier as well as *Bandos, Palas three times and *Aladdinn. A solid and true cross, this foal is exceptional.

Gondoliero added leg and shortened up Emenem somewhat. The filly has a beautiful short head, tiny ears and a teacup muzzle. She is affectionate and can trot amazingly well with flipped up tail. A very very lovely filly.

  Sadly deceased, too young.


emenem_filly2006_0129_002.jpg (140738 bytes) emenem_filly2006_0129_005.jpg (93298 bytes) emenem_filly2006_0129_008.jpg (118309 bytes) emenem_filly2006_0129_018.jpg (112198 bytes)
just new

  emma2006_0130_001.jpg (70412 bytes)
one day old
embeliera20060325_002.jpg (61699 bytes) embeliera20060325_004.jpg (54882 bytes)
2 months

Bee's Porcelain Rose

9 March 2006

(Ibn Bee x Khemos Toikyo Rose)

Finally a FILLY. Rose has presented us with 4 stunning colts and has not disappointed us with this lovely girl. She will be dark bay like mom, no white socks and just a tiny star. Very feminine and typy, we can't wait for her to unfold.

Sadly deceased way too young.

day 17

portia20060325_003.jpg (61976 bytes) portia20060325_002.jpg (54791 bytes) portia20060325_009.jpg (44304 bytes)


bees_chile_pepper2006_0601_001.jpg (289735 bytes) bees_chile_pepper2006_0601_002.jpg (303003 bytes)


Bee's Chili Pepper

29 May, 2006

(Ibn Bee x Pocahontas)

Pokey is Baileys HA pony mare that she has let her grandmother breed to Charlie for a 4-H foal which will be donated to the 2005 overall top Stormont Horse 4-H girl, Marianne Moore. A lovely chestnut gelding, very typy, long legs and a real sweetie.

Jack Bee Quick

(Ibn Bee x Diablo's Siera Dawn)
May 10, 2006

Bay gelding

Siera has given us some knockout HA geldings, 2 tobiano pintos and a solid bay and is also the dam of the pinto filly, Saphire, by Hennessy. All are tall leggy, smart and fun, this one should be too! 

Siera couldn't wait to be brought in at supper time and had a lovely colt outside on a beautiful warm day. After he was up, then came in to a nice warm clean stall for the rest of the night. This boy will be gelded and is very tall too. Looks like he will be dark bay with 3 white socks and a tiny star.

They sell real quick, so if you are interested - let us know.

siera_colt2006_0516_002.jpg (54123 bytes) siera_colt2006_0516_014.jpg (41681 bytes)  siera_colt2006_0516_006.jpg (68673 bytes)

jack_bee_quick2006_0601.jpg (49565 bytes)
jack_portia2006_0601_003.jpg (185236 bytes)


May 25, 2006
(Al Hanifa Andohmi x Obra (Standardbred mare)

A first time cross for Maplelane, the Arab/Standardbred cross is a proven endurance mount. Andy is producing top purebred CTR mounts in Chiante Dawn and Cerr Andy and we are eager to see what he and this nifty black trotting mare can do.

alondrah2006_05_31_005.jpg (48881 bytes) alondrah2006_05_31_007.jpg (55099 bytes)

 Red Reflection

 June 2006
Chestnut colt

(Bee's Image x Korome)

Fletch is a fantastic first foal for Image. We are very pleased with this typy, leggy, sharp looking boy and bred more mares to Image this year.

Korome's foals with Image's sire, Charlie, are top notch sport horses. They are over 15 hands, leggy and talented. We have chosen Korome for Image's first foal in order to compare with what his father has produced with her. It will give us a really good idea of what he can get on the ground.