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Hennessy by Cognac (by *Bask) x RL Melissa by RL Witraz (by *Count Locust)
Black/ Grey Filly
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Kiera is the latest addition to the AES family. Born on January 16, 2004 at 1:00 pm, she picked a very cold and windy day to arrive. 

filly2004_0116d.jpg (206471 bytes) 
Just arrived

   filly2004_0116b.jpg (220092 bytes)
I am standing, sort of, now where is the snack bar?

In fact her dam, Follie, was out in the paddock with Hennessy and I was lucky enough to look out and notice that she was lying down in front of the round bale with her tail straight out. So out I went to bring her into the barn. Her water broke on the way!
I was thrilled when Mary McBride offered me this mare to breed to Hennessy for a foal for myself. She is a beautiful mare, with huge luminous eyes, a lovely elegant neck, great bone and substance. Not to mention nice neat little ears.

RL Melissa age 19

filly2004_0116a.jpg (160376 bytes)
this is a little warmer

Follie has been an excellent producer for all her owners, producing 8 foals now - 4 fillies and 4 colts. Only one of her foals has been shown, Ibn Ibn Bee, who was twice named Top 6 Stallion in the Eastern Canadian Breeders Championships. Her 2003 colt will be shown this year and even Kiera may make it to the ring this summer!
Kiera is everything I wanted in this cross so far. She is personable, very typy with teeny tippy ears, lots of substance and bone, not to mention tall and leggy. I was "hoping" for a filly and born black and going grey. This is my most favorite colour in all of its stages.

Watch for more photos!

filly2004_0117a.jpg (97606 bytes) filly2004_0117h.jpg (156519 bytes) filly2004_0117j.jpg (144540 bytes)
one day old and outside already

kiera2004_0120b.jpg (53709 bytes) kiera2004_0120d.jpg (88388 bytes) kiera2004_0120g.jpg (113850 bytes) kiera2004_0120h.jpg (76236 bytes)
4 days old - someone stole my blankie!

January 21st...

kiera2004_0121a.jpg (106386 bytes) kiera2004_0121b.jpg (99157 bytes) kiera2004_0121e.jpg (66732 bytes) kiera2004_0121zonked.jpg (87739 bytes) all that running and playing has me zonked.

One week old, January 23rd...

kiera2004_0123pat1.jpg (56966 bytes) kiera2004_0123pat2.jpg (58559 bytes) kiera2004_0123pat3.jpg (77711 bytes)
It is super cold, just where is that blanket???

Photos by Pat Garland

January 28th... finally warmed up enough to snow, what fun!

kiera2004_0128a.jpg (101971 bytes) kiera2004_0128c.jpg (92371 bytes) kiera2004_0128k.jpg (56551 bytes) kiera2004_0128i.jpg (75354 bytes) kiera2004_0128z.jpg (128454 bytes) kiera2004_0128x.jpg (62797 bytes)

kiera2004_0203b.jpg (150347 bytes) kiera2004_0203c.jpg (75921 bytes) kiera2004_0204AB.JPG (197430 bytes) kiera2004_0204AG.JPG (103424 bytes) kiera2004_0204AH.JPG (148589 bytes) Kiera has a special "joi de vie" that is wonderful to behold. She has her own personality already and is quite the character. She refused to wear blankets indoors when she turned 10 days old, worming her way out of them. Insists with ears pinned and making faces for you to back off while she piggs out on Mom's grain & bread. We have never seen such a greedy, hungry little girl at such a young age. She is also Miss Independent for a filly and likes touring the yard before gracing the barn with her presence... follow Mom... whatever for? For a Hennessy kid, she isn't quite as "easy" as the others, but has a charisma and charm all her own.

At 8 weeks of age, Kiera measures in at 46" and 255 pounds! We call her "tank" as she is built like one! I go away for 9 days and she gains more inches and another 25 pounds... growing like a weed for sure. We will likely wean her the first week of April as she is taking quite a lot out of mom and eating more than her fair share of the meals. She is getting friendlier and easier to handle with time, not quite so skittish and a lot more curious about people and those wonderful hands that have fingers to scratch her with. Needless to say we are just in love with this girl.

kiera2004_0412a.jpg (151953 bytes) kiera2004_0412c.jpg (221252 bytes) kiera2004_0423c.jpg (95596 bytes) kiera2004_0423d.jpg (114979 bytes) kiera2004_0423e.jpg (162306 bytes)

We weaned Kiera just shy of 3 months of age. She weighed practically 300 pounds and her dam was losing weight. Since about day 2, Kiera has been a real piglet and even with weaning, never went off her grain and it was quite uneventful. When it came time to put them all out again after a day or so, she refused to stay in the paddock with Amberlysa and her foal and we ended up letting Hennessy 'babysit' his kid. They get along great and there are no issues, not surprising as this isn't the first youngster that Hennessy has weaned (That is Henn's eye in the last photo.) She gets upset when I take him out for rides, but isn't totally stupid about it. She is slowly shedding out and will likely have to be body clipped in May before going to the Tulip show as she is just covered in very thick January baby fuzz. She is now leading and trotting along with her handler and has become quite friendly now that her dam has left the property. Still very much a tank and sport horse looking, yet very feminine.