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Check back often for updates. The spring mini-clinic series was a big hit and Dessia has been asked to hold them again. 

These clinics are designed to assist horse owners and other interested people with the "Basics" of horsemanship. Whether it be leading your horse from the barn to the pasture, safety in handling foals or stallions, competing in any way, trail riding or driving - there should be something for everyone to learn.

In 2006 we will be holding 2 clinics with Dessia.


Dates: TBD

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM approximately

Place: AES


Basics from the "Ground"

This session will cover horse behavior, when & how to discipline, proper ground manners. Dealing with "your space" versus "my space", awareness and respect without fear. Teaching a horse/foal to lead and have your horse walk & trot with you obediently and willingly. Body language and how it effects your horse.

Showing "In Hand"

Many folks like to show off their horses, either for their own pleasure, the ribbons or to give youngsters a bit of experience. During this session both Arabian, Open Breed, Sport Horse and English Showmanship will be covered. How to present your horse for judging, walking & trotting your horse. Tips to staying focused, relaxed and confident. 
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Starting the "Young" Horse - Bitting, Lunging & Long Lining

Dessia uses a sequence of steps to starting the young horse or re-schooling an older one. These steps can take days or weeks, depending on the individual horse. Here she will go over them step by step, basic lunging skills, introducing the tack, the side-reins and long lining & line driving tips. What you wish to accomplish in each step and how to recognize that you have and it is time to move on. 

Ride or Drive?

Your horse now leads, lunges, long lines and line drives - the next step is either to hook up to the cart for a drive or saddle up and ride. Dessia will take you through the safety issues of first time hooking up or getting on your horse. How to keep things as relaxed and cool as possible with little fuss and lots of confidence.
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