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Amberlea Equestrian Services

"Training for Pleasure"

Station Lane, Northfield Station, Ontario

Day Camps (Winter/Spring/Summer)

2005 Summer Dates: July 11-15 & August 8-12

Summers 2003 & 2004 we held two weeks of day camps for youth. There were 3 girls in each week which worked out great, lots of riding and fun! 

Throughout the Christmas, Spring and Summer breaks, more day camps will be offered. An Adult day camp (long weekend idea) is being worked on as well.

Camp will include:

  • 2 riding sessions per day
  • Horse nutrition
  • Conditioning
  • Clipping
  • Turnout
  • Feeding
  • Vaccinations
  • Farrier & shoeing
  • Halter and Showmanship
  • Discussion on the various "types" of riding & competing

There will be a maximum of 5 participants per day to ensure quality instruction time. Participants to provide own lunch.

$250.00 per week
$165.00 for 3 days
$60.00 per day

Photos from the two 2003 Summer Day Camps:

trail2003_0710b.jpg (114835 bytes) cleaning2003_0710.jpg (127874 bytes) emily2003_0710a.jpg (89471 bytes) jessica2003_0710a.jpg (169492 bytes)   krista2003_0710a.jpg (132001 bytes) emily_krista2003_0710.jpg (113131 bytes) krista2003_0710b.jpg (178657 bytes) 2003_0710AX.JPG (110521 bytes) trail2003_0710a.jpg (179579 bytes)

July had some great weather and once Emily, Jessica and Krista were comfortable with their horses, we hit the trails. They were all rank beginners, but by day 3 were posting and had great control. We also cleaned some tack and made a horseshoe picture frame.

  trail2003_0822f.jpg (92314 bytes) eliza_chanel2003_0822a.jpg (101529 bytes) trail2003_0822a.jpg (135858 bytes)  eliza2003_0822a.jpg (114641 bytes)  bailey_nikki2003_0822b.jpg (150188 bytes) eliza_chanel2003_0822b.jpg (130874 bytes) lee_western2003_0822a.jpg (111470 bytes) trail2003_0822b.jpg (204923 bytes) trail2003_0822g.jpg (173760 bytes) trail2003_0822e.jpg (91110 bytes)
August was hot and not only did we manage to ride usually twice a day, we sneaked over to Dessia's house in Berwick for a swim in the pool! The pit was also another good destination to let the horses splash around in the water. One day found us in Newington buying drinks to help get us home. Overall a great week with some good kids. We welcomed Eliza into our group with Bailey and Lee. Eliza also started regular lessons soon after, although she is taking a hiatus during the cold months of winter!