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Amberlea Equestrian Services

"Training for Pleasure"

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Lessons & Coaching

Dessia enjoys teaching immensely. She will not take on large groups outside of a clinic atmosphere, wanting her students to get the maximum attention for their dollar. Lessons are based on good common sense geared towards whatever level of rider you are. From beginners to more advanced riders, she will give you the skills to control and enjoy your horse to the maximum. Lessons are primarily in the ring, but weather and confidence cooperating, the lessons go out onto the trails.

The lesson horses of AES are primarily Arabian and Half-Arabian horses. They are sensible, trustworthy animals and are suitable for beginners to advanced students. Students are started on the more docile horses and advanced along to find the best horse suited to their skill level. Our horses are partners and students are encouraged to ride as many horses as possible as each horse teaches something different. Students are taught to be riders and partners, riding WITH their horses, not to just be a passenger.

Dessia coaches Hunt seat, Saddle Seat, Western and driving. Dessia is coached herself by FEI Dressage Judge, Sue Rothgeb, so her skills continue to grow and be passed onto her students.

All lessons based on 45 minutes. Students are asked to arrive early to groom and tack their horses, otherwise this is included in the lesson time. 

For beginners, tacking, grooming and general care is part of the lesson. As the student becomes more comfortable doing this on their own, riding time will increase.

Dessia also will coach students at shows when her schedule permits. Fees are based on per student per day, plus travel expenses.

References available. 

Below are some of the students Dessia has coached.

dare_lee2003_0313b.jpg (88871 bytes) dare_lee2003_0313c.jpg (62765 bytes) lee2001_1223nahra.jpg (35443 bytes) lee4.jpg (33935 bytes) lee3.jpg (171211 bytes) fire_lee2003_0410d.jpg (85603 bytes) lee_western2003_0822a.jpg (111470 bytes) lil_lee2004_0228b.jpg (158197 bytes)
Lee with Dare, Nahra, Lysa, Firecracker, Chanel & Lil.

Lee has been with Dessia for several years, competing in Walk/Trot and now canter classes with a number of horses. Cheerful, always smiling, she loves to be around the horses and riding. After 5 years of lessons, her parents finally bought her her own horse - "I Bee Jazzin'!

jazz_lee2005_0204e.jpg (97840 bytes)

Bailey&Pokey3.jpg (69661 bytes) Dessia Pokey & Bailey 3.jpg (131225 bytes) bailey_pokey_r18_2002.jpg (25780 bytes)  Bailey&Pokey1.jpg (40306 bytes) chanel_bailey2003_0402i.jpg (68623 bytes) bailey_nikki2003_0822b.jpg (150188 bytes) trail2003_0822f.jpg (92314 bytes)  

Bailey started riding quite young (age 6) on her barely broke pony, Pokey (age 4). Together they learned a lot until Pokey foundered last summer and has been unable to be ridden.

Bailey is now riding her own mare "Rena Bee' getting ready for Hunter Pleasure JTR and dressage. She is also learning saddle seat with Parker. 2006 found her learning Western Pleasure so she could ride and show Image.

Abbey_CEP2.jpg (37443 bytes) 2000r18abbey_t5.jpg (67993 bytes) royal_red_champ.jpg (128533 bytes) ab_henn_dessia.jpg (185568 bytes)

A very special pair, it was a real highlight of Dessia's coaching career to watch Abbey & Hennessy be first named Region 18 Top 5 Country English Pleasure JTR in 2000 after riding together for only 2 months. Then not once, but 3 times named Champion Country English Pleasure (ATR, JOTR & JTR) in 2001! 

2005 finds Abbey gearing up for a full year with 2 new horses - Rambler's Royal Reserve and Bee's Bojo, not to mention Parker!

rambler2005_0429a.jpg (119903 bytes) bojo2005_0325b.jpg (95261 bytes) parker2005_0429c.jpg (28513 bytes)

tuffy2003_0410b.jpg (64323 bytes)

Kim is an accomplished rider, just brushed up with Dessia while having her QH mare trained.

Kim has purchased an Arab gelding from us to do CTR & Endurance.

firecracker_bob2003_0313a.jpg (52641 bytes)

Bob started riding at age 50 and by 51 did his first 2 CTRs on Lil the fall of 2003.

livia2003_0410b.jpg (69112 bytes)

Olivia & Nahra

2002_0811corrisma_martha.jpg (32724 bytes)

Martha showed with us a bit the summer of 2002. She took a few lessons and continues to go to clinics and ask questions as she brings her pony, Stormy, along. A very talented and 

2002_1006seniors_lindsey_lori.jpg (34566 bytes) 2002_1006walk_trot.jpg (18078 bytes) 2002_1006walk_trot3.jpg (31079 bytes) 2002_1006senior_lori_mandy2.jpg (67605 bytes)

Lori & Lindsey, twins, are shown here with their two Andy daughters, Mandy & Andrina at the 2002 4-H Regional Championships. Dessia trained both the horses and girls to ride, crossed her fingers and turned them loose. They continue to grow as riders, competing on the lesson horses and doing CTR with their "girls".

lysa_shauna2003_0314.jpg (65903 bytes)

Shauna is our "special needs" student. Bright and sunny, she loves her lessons and has ridden most all of the horses now.

michelle2003_0410b.jpg (137740 bytes) michelle2003_0410c.jpg (123486 bytes)
Michelle & Corisma

Michelle is a lovely rider, maybe a little timid, but pretty darn game once she figures out she "can" do it! She has brought along her sister, Katie,  and friend, Shawna, to share her lessons lately.

katie_korome2003_0822a.jpg (198483 bytes) shawna_lysa2003_0822a.jpg (96814 bytes)

Katie & Shawna riding Korome & Lysa.

naj2003_1101c.jpg (55137 bytes) chanel_melissa2003_0402d.jpg (71465 bytes)

Melissa is one of the "adult" students. She is always coming out for her "horsey" fix and is full of wonderful questions and enthusiasm. She is Dessia's best referral person, bringing in all sorts of people to the barn.

Melissa now owns her favorite lesson horse, Chanel.

junior2003_1101c.jpg (98212 bytes)

Denise, another adult coming later to horse back riding, is a lovely rider, often trying too hard to "get it". She is lots of fun and we enjoy having her "hanging" around.

She has since bought her first horse, Cabasco, fondly known as Mecca or the round short one.

holly_penny2003_1108a.jpg (101407 bytes)

Holly, Melissa's daughter, who gave up dancing to do horseback riding! A dedicated little rider, she gives it her all and treasures her first "horse show" ribbons on Penny.

Holly is now the proud co-owner of Pixie!

evchen_naj2003_1107b.jpg (102973 bytes)

Evchen started riding in the fall of 2003. She had ridden as a teenager, but life got busy and she decided to get back into it. Now an avid trail rider, she is buying her first horse!

marianne_star2003_1107a.jpg (49418 bytes)

Marianne, Evchen's daughter, is as keen as her mom, maybe more so as she is "working" for her first horse, Star!