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Amberlea Equestrian Services

"Training for Pleasure"

Station Lane, Northfield Station, Ontario


Training includes board with maximum turnout times. Sessions are focused, yet fun and  constructive for the horse. They are about 20-30 minutes long taking maximum advantage of a horse's short attention span for focused work. Weekly trail rides are part of their training once started under saddle. Owners are encouraged to be as much a part of the training as they can manage, with weekly lessons included. 

Dessia has attended many clinics over the years, taking from each something that she can use to help and improve her own methods. Starting a young horse is a very rewarding experience and there are certain steps in Dessia's program that ensures a safe, confident horse in the long run. 

References available. 

Below are some of the horses Dessia has trained and worked with.

rena_bailey2004_1113a.jpg (101483 bytes) royal_red_champ.jpg (128533 bytes)
Parker AES
 Nov 04
Lady Rena Bee & Bailey
Nov 04
Hennessy & Abbey Dakers
Regional Champs
Bay Bee's Pixie & Bailey
National Equestrian Park
July 04
2002_0128lysa2.jpg (24971 bytes) 2002_1125jojo2.jpg (20123 bytes) justice2003_0410i.jpg (38560 bytes)
(yearling halter)
Lysa 2 weeks
(4 year old)
JoJo 1 week
(3 year old Canadian gelding)
Justice 2 weeks
(4 year old Canadian Stallion)
bailey_pokey_r18_2002.jpg (25780 bytes) tonka_vicpass92.jpg (76397 bytes) tonka_92_rc.jpg (109393 bytes) DessiaBen.jpg (73986 bytes)
Pokey & Bailey
(from start to Regionals in walk/trot)
(trained, ridden & owned by Dessia)
(first year driving)
Ben's first show
(2 year old colt)
2002_1121annie_age3.jpg (55366 bytes) annie2002_0823b.jpg (37614 bytes) 2002_0521ad_lilbee_bm.jpg (74167 bytes) LB west.jpg (312239 bytes)
Annie age 3, 17.2 hands, Shire/TB mare - ready to ride home & back for refresher with new rider Little Bee with owner Billie Mae and after 4 months training showing (4 year old)
2002_0128lil3.JPG (59277 bytes) lil_hp_t6_breeders.jpg (233917 bytes) lil_t6_breeders_halter.jpg (181123 bytes) lil_dressage_t5_1.jpg (197728 bytes)
Lillie Dyamond+, HA/Trakehner mare, exclusively trained & shown by Dessia (Dressage, Sport Horse Under Saddle - Regional Champion)
2002_1219firecracker_ride4.jpg (37011 bytes) firecracker_bob2003_0313a.jpg (52641 bytes) bob_lee2003_0313a.jpg (99675 bytes) bob_lee2003_0313b.jpg (33142 bytes)
Firecracker's 4th ride with Dessia
(3 year old)
Bob's first ride with Firecracker Inside and down the trails.
Bob & Firecracker, Lee & Dare.
Riders & horses trained by Dessia.
ibn_t6_2001.jpg (150312 bytes) 2002_1206ibn_patti2.jpg (58350 bytes) charbon_demo_3.jpg (90631 bytes)
Ibn Ibn Bee
(age 2 halter)
Patti's first ride
(Ibn 3 year old)
(aged Canadian Stallion)
Dare To Bee
(4 year old mare)
confuselivewire_navan.jpg (85426 bytes) giftoftime.jpg (49526 bytes) smokinjoe_agrifest_drive.jpg (59434 bytes) smokinjoe_navan.jpg (64660 bytes)
Confusion's Live Wire
(ASB gelding)
A Gift of Time
(ASB gelding)
Smokin Joe
(ASB gelding)
Smokin Joe
(ASB gelding)
pip_3agrifest95.jpg (25752 bytes) pip_navan95.jpg (58477 bytes) tuffy2003_0410b.jpg (64323 bytes) hennessy_sh_01.jpg (63345 bytes)
Starlett's Power Play
(ASB gelding)
Kim & Tuffy
(QH mare)
(owned, shown & trained by Dessia)

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